Keys to Building a Successful Integrated Marketing Campaign

integrated marketing campaign (IMC) is different from conventional marketing strategy. This method uses various media to deliver your message to target audiences such as through social media marketing (SMM), digital marketing, advertising, public relation, and many others. It allows you to create the purpose of the core message and focus on its unique selling point to a specified target audience with a tailored message through multiple media. IMC has been proven to be an extremely effective and applicable marketing method that works for any business as long as it is properly implemented. However, it is also challenging. A lot of companies are still struggling to optimize the use of integrated approach. Only a few marketers can integrate campaigns across different channels successfully. So, what are they keys to build a successful IMC campaign?

The first key factor ensuring an IMC campaign is the ability to define a strategy. It can be done only by conducting a thorough analysis. A clearly defined strategy must be ready even before an IMC plan is put together. In order to define strategies, you should go through an exclusive discovery process which aims to help costumers understand your business and recognize its positioning in the marketplace. It involves the process of analyzing competitive challenges, customers’ motivations in buying the products, their pain points, and so on. The result of the analysis serves as a set of valuable information for planning the strategies.

The second key success is having a consistent brand message. The brand message can be developed through a logo and tagline. What should be understood here is that although the message is delivered through different channels, the core of the message should not be changed. It should remain the same. It is okay to tailor the message as long as the core remains consistent. Consistent brand message ensures that the brand can connect the target audiences with the product in a credible and memorable way, leaving positive perceptions held by the audiences. The brand message should also help your business set apart from its competitors. Ultimately, it leads to greater visibility and client’s loyalty.

The other key success is to define the target audience. The easiest way to do this is to make demographic and lifestyle analysis. The aim is of course to find out their age, occupation, gender,

marital status, attitude, values, and other relevant information related to demographics and psychographics. Additionally, assessing their pain points, motivation, and so on, is also important. The more data you get, the easier you define your target market.

Last but not least, a successful integrated marketing campaign needs the right selection of the right channels to reach the audiences that you have targeted before. IMC allows you to use the combination of some traditional channels and digital media. Many companies especially those planning to use many channels decided to use the agency for IMC campaigns. These agencies will help execute a content strategy using a mix of various channels such as PPC, case studies, PR, social media, blogs, and many more.